Vitamin B12 


Recommended Dietary Intakes
Adults - 2 mcg;
Pregnant women - add 0.1 mcg

This Vitamin Is Essential For...

  • converting fats, carbohydrates, and protein into energy,

  • assisting in the synthesis of red blood cells.

  • producing the genetic materials.

  • amino acid and fatty acid metabolism

  • healthy nerves, blood cells, skin and hair

  • growth.

  • proper digestion.


Vitamin B12 is supplied through animal products - organ meats, fish, eggs, brewers yeast, clams, sea vegetables such as kelp kombu, soybeans, soy products and dairy products.


Vegetarians need supplements of this vitamin as it is mostly found in animal products. Vitamin B12 is stored in the body for up to five years, so it may take a while before signs of deficiency show.
Please note, B Vitamins should be taken as a complex unless advised by your health care practitioner.

Deficiencies Can Cause...

Dietary deficiency is uncommon and usually is apparent in alcoholics, elderly people, strict vegetarians, people who are not absorbing the vitamin, and pregnant or nursing women. Symptoms may include:

  • a sore tongue and mouth ulcers.

  • weakness, fatigue, memory loss and dizziness.

  • weight loss.

  • body odour.

  • back pains.

  • tingling arms and legs.

  • Severe deficiency leads to pernicious anaemia.

  • digestive disorders

  • constipation.

  • eye disorders

  • headaches.

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