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One of the greatest challenges in prescription medication is a simple fact: some patients just don’t like taking medicine.  From a child who can’t stand the taste of a cough syrup to a cat who absolutely refuses to take an antibiotic, rarely is taking medicine a pleasurable experience.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Each patient is unique with certain likes and dislikes.  A distinctive solution to these issues is flavoured medicine.  At Wal’s Pharmacy we can make medicine a lot less yucky! With FLAVOURS.

We can literally change the flavour of your medicine safely.  We have access to many favours and flavour combinations which can enhance the taste and colour of medication to make it easier to swallow.  A child who has difficulty taking a prescription because of the taste is a prime candidate.  There are over 100 flavours available from apple, grape, tutti fruitti and watermelon. 

Many adults also may benefit from flavoured medication.  As people age or battle a chronic illness, taste preferences can change.  Often, sweet flavours can become unbearable.  Or bitter flavours may cause nausea.  In these instances we can alter or mask certain flavours in order to make medicine more palatable – without changing the medicine itself. 

Animals are also prime candidates for flavoured medication.  Cats don’t like pills but they do like fish.  Dogs don’t appreciate a squirt of traditional amoxicillin into their mouth, but they’ll gladly take it if it tastes like chicken.  Some of the flavours available for pets are beef, liver, cheese, chicken and fish.

Most importantly though, the flavouring is free from sugar, dye and alcohol.  The flavouring can be added to both over the counter and prescription medicines.

So if you or any one in your family (including your family pet) is struggling with the taste of their medicines the experience needn’t be a nightmare here at Wal’s Pharmacy we have the perfect solution.  So ask about FLAVOURS next time you visit the pharmacy.